Weekend Writing Opportunity

I apologize for missing a post yesterday; I was on the road and found my internet connection at my destination a little sketchy. Since I’m often out of town on weekends, I’m going to post writing and publishing opportunities every weekend. You can spend all that time you would have spent on my blog ; ) getting something ready for a publisher, contest, or grant.

I received a comment on Write for Your Rights about Publish a Letter, so I went to check it out. This site is too cool to leave buried in the comments. In fact, when I wrote Write for Your Rights, I was looking for a good resource to include, and this fits the bill perfectly. Publish a Letter is a website where you can write letters to the editor, then send them directly from the site. The site has a newspaper listing that you can select based on your criteria (state, city, etc.). AND whether your letter gets printed or not, you can post it on the site for comments and discussion. Either way, your letter has a better chance of inspiring dialog, thought, and even change than it ever had just rattling around in your head.


2 Responses to Weekend Writing Opportunity

  1. Lacey, are you on the CTA listserve? In the midst of a discussion about that North Carolina priest telling his parishioners that voting for Obama was a mortal sin, someone raised the question of what can we do to counteract these kinds of messages that are misleading and misinforming the public. And it just occurred to me that you’ve presented the perfect answer right here!

  2. I’m on the Next-Gen CTA listserve, but I must confess I haven’t checked it for a while. I have all my message board, enewsletters, etc., go to the same email account, and whenever I get overbusy, that’s the email account that doesn’t get checked. So I hadn’t heard about the Obama-mortal-sin (-wow-) comment, but yes, this is definitely an avenue for addressing things like this, even if not the only one or the one that works best for everyone. I was pretty excited to discover publishaletter.com, and I’m hoping to utilize it for my little promise to myself to do more activism in the way that works best for me — through writing.

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