I did it!!

No, I didn’t finish my novel.

But I DID meet Chris Baty’s wordcount challenge for the FIRST TIME ALL MONTH. (Note that I’ve half-heartedly attempted to meet it every time he’s said, “By the end of X day, you should have X words.”) This time, it was, by the end of Monday, you should have 40,000 words. This was enough to make me weak-kneed when I had all of 24,000 words on Saturday. But thanks to the write-in / word war and some good old-fashioned “finisher” grit, I somehow managed to write 16,000 words in three days. I’m at 40,155.

The surprising thing? I also managed to go to work today. And go to my writers’ group. And meet a friend for lunch. And feed my cats. Am I on a roll or what?

Once again, my novel wants to be done like, tomorrow, and I’m going to at the very least squeeze out a 10,000 word epilogue.


2 Responses to I did it!!

  1. Wow – fantastic news! You go for it. You know how sweet victory is!

  2. Jenny says:

    Woohoo, you rock!

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