Beginning Freelancing 101, Courtesy of Jenny

So I’ve been meaning to write a post that reviews all those content-hungry sites out there that pay freelance writers: Associated Content, Suite101, Ehow, and a bunch of others I either don’t know about or that will be covered by Jenny shortly.  I’ve often heard the question, “Do those sites really pay?” The answer is, yes. Do they pay a lot? Well, that depends on what you’re expecting. At approximately $10 – 20 per article, the pay may be “low” as far as freelance gigs go (I know a woman who made almost $100 for a 75 word article about how to put on a condom!), but if you can write at a good rate, you’ll be making more per hour than entry level jobs out in the “real world”–AND you get to wear your jammies.

Freelancing is a dream for a lot of people, and the Internet, with its constant, insatiable hunger for content (more content attracts more ads attracts more $$) make it more possible than ever before for beginning freelancers to get gigs and get real money. And I don’t know about you, but I think real money for work that’s not always that exciting is better than fantasizing about interesting assignments and big paychecks that don’t actually materialize.

Right now, I get almost all my work from New Moon Girl Media and Scribendi, so even though I’m approved to write content at a few sites, I haven’t fully explored the world of content writing. That’s why I’m pleased to offer links to Jenny’s blog, because she HAS. And she’s got lots of good insider info.

Jenny’s freelancing blog post #1

Jenny’s freelancing blog post #2

Now, go forth and make money!


One Response to Beginning Freelancing 101, Courtesy of Jenny

  1. Jenny says:

    LOL, thanks for the links, Lacey! I’ll add the skinny (as I understand it,) on the sites you mentioned, since they ARE super-popular.

    Suite 101 is renowned for it’s high-quality content, and from what I understand you recieve a lot of valuable feedback from the site’s editors. On the down side, the pay is based on page views, so it’s not money in the bank. So, good PR, bad pay, but it’s a great place to get clips!

    Anyone can write for Ehow, and pay is based on revenue sharing, so you get a percentage of what Ehow earns off the site’s advertising. So far, I’ve earned $2.21 from one article I put up in November, and nothing on the other one. 😀 Demand Studios, however, pays $15.00 for every article you write for them, the vast majority of which are published on Ehow.

    Associated Content pays for page views as well, although they do have an upfront pay option that is 2-3 dollars, from what I’ve heard. That’s low, but OTOH you can write whatever you want!!!

    MOST content sites advertise “revenue sharing” or “residual income,” and while writers who are really good at SEO could probably make a go of it in the long run, promises of residual income don’t help much when you’re trying to scrape together money to put fuel in your tank. 😀 It’s harder to find sites with good up front pay, but they ARE out there, and they’re SO worth seeking out.

    All that aside, I’d totally write for Suite 101 if I didn’t have to think in red and black. 🙂

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