Going on 13 DVD and Study Guide

I found a very welcome package in my mailbox today: a copy of Going on 13, a documentary from Vaquera Films that follows four girls from the ages of 9 – 13,  and a bound copy of the study guide I wrote for it through New Moon Girl Media. The study guide is also available for download at the Going on 13 website.

Bound study guide, DVD, and promotional inserts

Bound study guide, DVD, and promotional inserts

That's Me

That's Me

An intro to using the guide

An intro to using the guide

I loved working on this study guide because issues affecting girls — especially adolescent girls — are near and dear to my heart. And like any writer, I’m happiest when I’m working on something I care about, especially when the tone is conversational and accessible to a wide audience. Working on the study guide also allowed me to meet some really cool people in addition to the directors Dawn Valadez and Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, such as Linda Wolf, founder of Teen Talking Circles.And even though I watched the film a dozen times (and at all hours of the night and day, including one night in my parent’s camper!), I’m so excited to have a copy so that I can watch it with others in my life who work with and/or care about girls. I definitely recommend this for classrooms, girls’ groups, Girl Scout Troops, parent-daughter movie nights, and all others who are tired of Miley Cyrus and the Cheetah Girls being the sole representations of girlhood in our culture.


4 Responses to Going on 13 DVD and Study Guide

  1. Jenna says:

    Your blog’s all different!

  2. It’s true. I revamped when I should’ve been sleeping.

  3. Jenny says:

    Ooh, I want to see that film! Why don’t I have girls??? *sigh* Oh well–more energy left for adopted “little sisters” I guess.

  4. You can borrow it from me if you’d like. Or you can watch it on my new TV if you ever want a night away from the communal living!

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