Submission Opportunity: Unsent Letters

On Jenny‘s advice, I just started reading the Freelance Home Writer blog, and I found the coolest submission opportunity EVER there yesterday. Apparently some peeps are putting together a book and a blog of Unsent Letters — and they’ll pay you if they select your letter for the blog OR the book, up to $250. Now, this is the kind of submission opportunity that I’d like to see more of — one in which I have TONS of backlogged content that fits the requirement. See, I’ve been an introvert and a writer most of my life, so I’ve always used unsent letters as a way to process my feelings and capture interactions. Add a couple years of therapy and the fact that this anthology accepts FICTIONAL letters, and I have enough unsent letters to fill my own book. I’m resisting the urge to go into the “attic” and dig through old letters because the ladder is not all that stable and I found myself dangling off the edge of it the last time I went up–not fun! Unfortunately, you can only submit one at a time and must wait to hear back from them before submitting another. Apparently the folks who are putting together this anthology were aware that there are people like me out there!


2 Responses to Submission Opportunity: Unsent Letters

  1. Jenna says:

    I keep a notebook specifically for unsent letters, but I don’t know if I’d submit any of them …

    I have to wonder how cohesive the finished product of a book like this would be to read, though, with no set theme other than “unsent letters.” I’m thinking of the book “Hell Hath No Fury: Letters From the End of the Affair,” which is comprised of real letters (both sent and unsent, I think) from scorned women.

    But then, I guess it could be a lot like PostSecret or Found Letters, with subjects jumping all around.

  2. Yeah, I sort of picture it as something like “Post Secret,” except for letters. Maybe once they get all their submissions, they’ll organize the book by theme, with a chapter to parents, one to lovers, etc. Maybe as the project evolves, they’ll start making themed unsent letter books.

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