How to Cheat During NaPoWriMo

After confessing that I was stressing about a poem a day, a friend left a comment with this site that would allow NaPoWriMo cheating, if one does so desire. Here’s the poem I got:

A mountainous range stood before the cold Little Red Riding Hood
Scoff not at my vile remarks elastic fiend
Crushed by the evil eyelash he laughs at the feeble beagle.
Stars filled her mind–it was if sea slugs were creaming her head.
All were in a circle of juggling horns of death–stiff and satiny,
Pools remain from the violet killer whale
How easily did the dream come apart, like Indian summer in one’s stomach
She tossed and turned, her delighted leg flapping uselessly,
So deal not with this once thy glorious surfer chick.

I’m going to try writing a series of real Little Red Riding Hood poems in hopes of generating something for this call for submissions.


2 Responses to How to Cheat During NaPoWriMo

  1. Keir says:

    Isn’t it amazing how weird computer-generated poetry is so much better than a lot of the published stuff? It often makes much more sense too.

    A Randomly Generated Ode to Lacey

    A mountainous range stood before the joyful Lacey
    Where the size of the crab grass was all that matters
    Everlasting prongs musing through the sky,
    It was a good screw, thought the erotic Joan of Arc to herself
    The day wearies, the hunting of llamas is fruitless, come to my embrace
    Last for the spooking first for the pounding–Now you must imagine
    While Lacey was away, the rampant elephants did play
    While the bright sand of the beach lingered into the glider.
    Cry, for the loss has fallen like a leaden pogo stick upon you.

  2. That’s definitely one of the best last lines of a poem I’ve ever read. The interesting thing about this randomly-generated poetry is that it reminds one of how important concrete imagery is; that’s why it actually succeeds fairly well as a poem, because there are a lot of things in it you can actually see/feel/etc. We can all learn a lot from randomly generated poetry.

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