Back to the Blog: and a Poem

I’m back to my blog and easing back to my routine after a packed and lovely weekend that included seeing my younger sister’s fantastic art opening, dancing, visiting the coolest sci-fi bookstore ever,  catching a performance of In Her Image (which I HIHGLY recommend), and working in the middle of the night (ah, freelancing!)

Somehow I still managed to do some “poeming” every day, and last night I reviewed my month’s poems thus far. They’re all pretty terrible, probably because I squeezed most of them out of the few minutes before bed when what I really wanted to do was sleep. Still, here’s my Dove Chocolate Poem (which is a variation of the Fortune Cookie Poem for times when there is no fortune cookie in sight) from April 4th:

Give me a reason to break

my sleep of a hundred years. Search yourself

for the courage to untangle the briars someone wove around my heart —

someone who pressed needles into my skin before I knew

about sharp edges or soft kisses or sleeps as deep as oceans

that still couldn’t drown my needs as they

blossomed like roses–

and one held out to you.

I’m currently reading Thornspell, which is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. When in doubt, steal fairy tale metaphors. The Dove Chocolate quote is highlighted in the boldface letters:  “Give of Yourself to Someone who Needs You” — which I’m pretty sure is the dumbest Dove Chocolate quote ever.


7 Responses to Back to the Blog: and a Poem

  1. Jenny says:

    Lacey! Incredible poem! I love it–especially the first five lines!

  2. Thanks! I think the “someone who” is really awkward, but I’m leaving it for the purpose of showing how the exercise actually works. If I ever did anything more with this poem, I’d probably do away with that word. (And totally unrelated, and interestingly, WordPress randomly generated “How was your child conceived?” as a possibly related post. What the?!? Perhaps WordPress read a bit too much into that poem.)

  3. Jenny says:

    Hahahahahahaha! You think??? At least you haven’t had any Turkish guys show up yet looking for hot babes! Hahahahaha!

    And yeah, the Dove Chocolate excercise is fun, but I think you SHOULD do more with the poem! That’s what I was trying to say–I really, really, really love it, and think you should ditch Dove and make it it’s best. Maybe sub it to the Fairy Tale Review…

  4. I thought of the Turkish guys, too, when that post was generated! I also considered the Fairy Tale review as a potential home for the poem. I just submitted to their Red Issue (Little Red Riding Hood), but will hold on to this for a future issue. If they did a Sleeping Beauty themed one, I would be in heaven.

  5. Jenny says:

    Yay–good luck with the submission! The Fairy Tale Review looks super-cool–I think I’m going to have to pick those up whether I ever submit anything to them or not.

    A lot of the stuff I read on their site actually reminds me of the kind of stuff I wrote in high school. I haven’t really written poetry since, but I used to LOVE it! I wonder if I could let my mind ramble that far anymore–I’m not sure if I just haven’t had the downtime to wallow in creativity, or if it’s a lost skill. I’m voting on no downtime…

  6. Ha, if those look like your poems from HS, your high school poems were WAY better than mine. I wrote a lot of poetry in college, you know, ’cause of all the angst ;), but then starting thinking I had no right to write poetry since I didn’t even read it. But I give myself free reign every April, anyway. 😉

  7. Jenny says:

    LOL, I said it looked like the KIND of stuff I wrote in HS, not the ACTUAL stuff I wrote in HS. 😀 That bizzare stream-of-consciousness, semi-prose thing–I was big into that.

    And I got all of my angst (and poetry, evidently) out in high school. 🙂 I’d sit up all night writing depressing poetry, ruminating on that deep, dark fascination that was me. *ROTFL* It’s a wonder anyone survives their teens. 😛

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