Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

My friend Jenny recently posted this video in her blog, and I think it’s worth sharing here.

This video brought about an “Ah yes, of course!” moment for me. The tips are really commonsense, yet I’d never used them before. I’d been spinning my wheels with phrases like, “writing jobs,” and “freelance writing jobs,” which typically brings up a lot of questionable websites promising big bucks for little effort. Rob’s site, DailyWritingJobs, is similar in tone, but if this video is any indication, he probably does have some good information.

The video is a lot longer than it needs to be, so you won’t miss much if you cut out early. And I couldn’t help but cringe at the reference to “parentheses” when he’s using quotation marks. Where’s a good editor when you need one?

3 Responses to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Jenny says:

    Hahaha–good thing you posted it! That post STILL gives me error messages almost every time I try to click on it!!!

    My husband suggested that I might have a “corrupted cookie” or cache, which, I’m sorry, just sounds hilarious!!! Someone should name a tech blog “The Corrupted Cookie!” 😀

  2. G says:

    He says it twice!! More? I cut it off after the second time. I’ll be charitable and assume he was nervous.

    I think there’s something interesting to be said here about systems and the usefulness of ’empowering’ technologies. I certainly don’t want to say something simply Luddite, but it strikes me as funny that in some cases we have to use Google in a manner reminiscent of a badger nosing through leaves for grubs. Searching on Google is a survival skill in itself. It’s a new ecosystem we have to adapt to.

    Thanks for the tip, Lacey.

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