Does She Live? Yes. Does She Write? Well . . .

Perhaps I should make a disclaimer right now that my summer may involve frequent and extensive hiatuses from this blog. I live in a state where summer is short, and in a city where it is even shorter, and I’m taking opportunities to enjoy it whenever and wherever I can. I am still writing and working when I can, though, and to prove it, here’s what’s current in my writing/working world:

  • The Catholic blog where I write celebrated its 1-year-anniversary on May 30. I’ll be writing an article about the blog for the Call to Action newsletter, which is due on June 19.  The blog’s one-year anniversary also commemorates a year of me successfully completing my goal to write more often for “a real audience.”
  • I’m contemplating pursuing a position as an online writing teacher for homeschoolers.
  • When I can, I’m helping out with my sister’s pony ring/petting zoo business. No, it’s not a writing/editing gig, but it’s a paid gig nonetheless, which is nothing to scoff at!
  • I’ve recently discovered another content-writing site, It looks promising, and even promises a deposit if you write your first article for them within a week of registering. Unfortunately, I had too much going on to jump on that offer.

And . . . I’m camping, camping, camping. Not always good for the writing, but definitely good for the soul. And what’s good for the soul is probably good for the writing in the long run.


6 Responses to Does She Live? Yes. Does She Write? Well . . .

  1. Jenna says:

    I’ve been wondering why this place has been so quiet. Miss you! I’ve had to find alternate ways to waste time!

  2. Jenna says:

    That’s good. :p When I reread it, I realized it could be taken the wrong way and I was like, oh nos!

    • Yeah, when I read it I saw that it could be taken the wrong way, too, but I decided not to take it that way. Plus, I know you often read my blog(s) when you’re at work, so it totally made sense in that context. 🙂

      • Jenna says:

        And that’s exactly what I meant. When I go to your blog at work and there are no new entries, I usually find trouble elsewhere on the ‘net instead of, you know . . . working. :p

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