Subscribe to my Blog!

Thanks to a query I received yesterday, I’ve added a button for subscribing to my feed in a reader to my blog. I would love it if interested parties would subscribe to make sure it’s working. WordPress doesn’t make adding this button super easy, which is why I hadn’t done it earlier. Luckily, Feedburner was much better at providing the info I needed. Now that it’s running, I want to make sure it’s running correctly.

On a related note, I recently added all my blogs to bloglines, which I’ve been very happy with as a reader.


3 Responses to Subscribe to my Blog!

  1. Jenny says:

    Are you going to add a subscribe by email button, too? Feedburner has easy code for that as well. I don’t really use readers (which is funny, with all the blogs I follow–maybe I should), but I do like getting email updates.

    • Yeah, I think I will add the subscribe by email button. I felt all “feed-ed” out yesterday, and when I didn’t find it instantly, I gave up. It sort of made it look like you had to “choose” one or the other, but your comment makes it sound like that’s not the case, so I have the incentive to investigate anew!

  2. Jenny says:

    It’s not exclusive–you can do both. I use Feedburner for my blog and have been really happy with it, but you do have to dink around with it a little to find all the features. (Not that I’ve found them all either, but a person can only get so excited about feeds, LOL!)

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