Friday: Fun or Focus?

I’m having a bit of trouble focusing today, flitting from one task to another. I did a few hours of work this morning and will do more this afternoon and evening, revised some previous assignments, and packed a few boxes. I’m waiting for my mind to settle down long enough to work on my novel, especially since yesterday I had a really good writing day at last (ah yes, this is why I do it!). Until then, I thought I’d entertain myself (and you) with some websites for generating writing ideas (courtesy of Writer’s Digest 2009 101 Best Websites for Writers). You might even be able to use some of these sites to get in your August Fifteen Minutes of Writing a Day (by the way, YA author and founder of the challenge Laurie Halse Anderson is givin’ out prompts each day this month, too).

  • CanTeach: Yup, it’s a site for writing teachers, but it’s got some pretty cool prompts. Most of them would make good fodder for online or paper journal entries or personal essays, but the “What If?” section is particularly intriguing for its fiction possibilities. (The speculative fiction writer in me has trouble resisting the prompt, “What if Children Ruled the World?”)
  • JC Schools: Another school writing site, where pushing the “random” button for new prompts can get a little addicting . . .
  • Seventh Sanctum: Check this site out if your ready for some hard-core writing prompts. These could actually spur some winning stories. I especially like the prompts under “romance,” although my obsession with retellings led me first to the Envisioner. This site could come in especially handy when November looms near and you find yourself plotless.
  • I’ve covered this one before, but it’s worth repeating: WritingFix has some pretty cool prompts (and other tools for writers). And student writers can post the result of one of the site’s prompts on WritingFix’s blog.

Inspired yet?


7 Responses to Friday: Fun or Focus?

  1. Keir says:

    Wondering what you meant by a prompt, I tried the Envisioner. I really didn’t expect to get “The story of Moby Dick envisioned as a blaxploitation erotic tale.”

  2. Jenna says:

    Who says focusing can’t be fun?

    Those sites give me a little tingle of excitement for November, and I wonder if I should rethink my decision of opting out of NaNo this year. (But it was so hard last year to juggle with school. And yet . . . it was all part of the fun.)

  3. I know! Those sites really excited me, too. It made me wish *I* hadn’t opted out of NaNo this year, too. But I think I’ll resolve to try a “plot-generated” idea for the NaNo after that. And you should definitely reconsider your November. 🙂 (I think NaNo’s are kind of like having babies. By the time another one comes along, you’ve forgotten how agonizing it was to get through the last time. ;))

  4. Jenna says:

    You can still reconsider, just like I can!

    I’ll see how September goes. I’ve decided to make it my “Finish What You Started” month. I plan on digging out old stories that I left hanging and tacking endings on them. Because it’s so much easier to change an ending once you finally have one.

    • So true. And sometimes you have to write the wrong ending before you know what the right one is (that’s the case with my most recent NaNo.) That’s a very worthy goal, and I wish you luck!

  5. Jenna says:

    Thanks. I figure it’s high time to get over fear of endings. I’ve also gotten to a point where I feel like I daren’t start anything new with so many unfinished projects hanging over my head. (And on the NaNo note, it probably isn’t fair to start a new one this year without ever having read any of my previous ones! :p)

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