Writing Resolutions!

A New Year is here once more, which brings new writing resolutions. This year’s goal is modest, but one I think will sufficiently challenge and satisfy me. I want to have my YA novel polished enough for submission by this time next year. I’m almost done with the second draft, and the third draft will be much, much less messy. Although it’s a novel, it’s short enough that doing a whole ‘nother revision by next year isn’t totally daunting.

Bonus resolution: to write at least two short stories. Finishing “Closeted,” the one I’m currently working on, counts.

What are your New Year’s writing resolutions?


6 Responses to Writing Resolutions!

  1. Jenna says:

    #1) I’d like to peak at my NaNovel. Bonus points if I finish the first draft. #2) On Jan 1st I started re-reading my old journals in order (I’m currently in May 2002). Both of these tie in with: #3) Stop being afraid of my own writing. 🙂

    • Those are awesome resolutions. I especially like #3. I wonder if rereading all your old journals will also surface some subjects for further writing (and for some reason, I didn’t get emails about all these comments you left — so, sorry I’m responding so late! I wasn’t trying to screen you so heavily!).

      • Jenna says:

        I was wondering what was taking so long about the comments – I was getting worried! :p

        Rereading my old journals is a pretty interesting experience. For one, I’ve learned that all of my physical ailments are all still exactly the same. :p And there’s some unfinished poetry snippets scattered about that, even 8 years later, I’m actually pretty impressed by.

      • I’m always amazed to find, when I look back at my old journals, how many of my thoughts, complaints, preoccupations, were really the same as they are now, especially when the current ones seem unique somehow. It’s fun finding old writing that impresses me, but sometimes it actually intimidates me a little, too, which is pretty silly.

  2. spoonbridge says:

    I’ll be doing a lot of writing for my thesis in the next few months, so that might constitute a resolution! I have also resolved to submit a work of fiction or creative non-fiction to a publisher as well. That ghost idea is really intriguing especially and I will have to put some thought into it for March.

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