On miracles

I posted at the Young Adult Catholics blog today about the issue that has been dominating my personal life throughout the month of September; while I was at the book release party I mentioned in my previous post, my grandmother was busy accomplishing miracles. I wrote about it in One Miracle, One Thousand Lessons.

5 Responses to On miracles

  1. jennyraearmstrong says:

    Sorry, Lacey. 😦 Some miracles don’t feel so good.

    • Oh no — the whole latter half of my post got deleted. 😦 And the second half was the miraculous part, which was that she made a turnaround against all odds and was walking with a walker one week after she was on her deathbed and told she wouldn’t walk again. That post took forever to write, too … you know, they say nothing is ever truly “gone” on the Internet, and I wish I could find those people so they could fish up my much more *optimistic* post.

    • I love WordPress — I was able to revert to an earlier version and get my lost blog post back. Please read it again — it has a much happier ending. 🙂

  2. Jenny Rae Armstrong says:

    Great post, Lacey. I loved your assessment of how it impacted your family, and I particularly liked your ending line–way to bring it home!!!

    I love WordPress too–sometimes. Today, not so much. Because I’m taking a wild guess that my signature will link to my old, deleted blog, instead of the blog I have DIRECTED IT TO AT LEAST FIVE TIMES TODAY!!! 😉 I’m glad I changed platforms, but still–technical issues abound. :-/

    • Jenny Rae Armstrong says:

      SEE!!! Now I logged out, and logged back in–if this doesn’t work, do you have any ideas for this converted Blogspot girl?

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