They say to write about your obsessions . . .

Don’t mind me; just writing about women’s ordination again.


3 Responses to They say to write about your obsessions . . .

  1. Jenny says:

    Go Lacey!!!

    I just listened to a podcast this week I think you’d like–Phyllis Tickle (who rocks!) speaking at Mars Hill Church in Michigan about the feminine nature of the Holy Spirit, the historical precident in Judaism and Christianity for feminine faces of God, lambasting the changes the western church made to the Nicene creed (the Vatican and the Church of Canada just reverted to the original creed I hear–yay!) and a lot of other good stuff. I believe the sermon was called “a mystery we can’t understand.”

    You can find the podcast on iTunes–just don’t mix up the Mars Hill in Michigan with Mark Droscoll’s Calvanist Mars Hill Church in Washington. I have a lot of friends who love Mark Driscoll’s teaching, but I think you would be as unimpressed with some of his hyper-masculine teachings as I am. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ha, now I’m curious to listen to podcasts from BOTH churches. πŸ˜‰ I really need to explore the wonderful world of podcasts. I’m too addicted to audiobooks to give them a fair shake! But I’ve heard there are lots of really cool ones out there. I need to start a list for when I move and no longer have access to Duluth’s great audiobook selection. (I’m also going to FINALLY read “She Who Is” because my aunt who lent it to me will be using my house as her place to crash when she’s in town . . . so it’d be nice if I could take one of those opportunities to give back the book I’ve had for 14 years–half my life!)

  3. Jenny says:

    *snicker* Yes, it’s definitely worth reading, although I wouldn’t feel TOO guilty about not having read it at the ripe old age of fourteen!!! Advanced reading levels aside, that book is a TAD bit complex for that age group, LOL!

    I don’t listen to hardly any podcasts either, but Mars Hill is the exception. I like them because they work their way through books of the Bible, and have tons of really relevant, interesting stuff to say about or relating to the passages. After growing up in church and attending a Christian school for several years sometimes it can feel like people just keep repeating the same old information over…and over…and over. So anytime I learn something new or am given new insight into familiar passages, I perk up and listen. They also have a lot of guest speakers, so you get a lot of different perspectives from people from different traditions and backgrounds.

    The other Mars Hill–I’ve never listened to their podcasts, other than part of a sermon that really pissed me off. πŸ˜‰ But then again, I was searching for an exact, controversial quote for an article I was writing, so it wasn’t really a fair hearing, LOL. Like I said, a lot of my friends really like Mark Driscoll’s preaching, and I’m sure he’s a really good guy, but since I don’t feel the need for one more thing to get riled up about, I stick with Rob Bell and the Mars Hill closer to home in Michigan. πŸ˜€

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