It’s That Time of Year … Already!

We’re a mere two weeks away from the start of that mad frenzy that comes upon us writers every November, where even those of us who aren’t participating can’t help but wonder about the progress (and sanity) of those who are. That’s right, my favorite writing challenge of all is about to begin: NaNoWriMo.

These days, it seems that everyone in the writing community has at least heard of NaNoWriMo even if they haven’t yet summoned the fortitude to try it (what are you waiting for?). But in case you’ve somehow missed it, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, a yearly challenge to write a novel (or at least, 50,000 words of one) in one month. There are no prizes except for the satisfaction of having done it, but tens of thousands of writers and would-be writers find that reason enough.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious and hope to write a novel in a month AND to keep up with a regular blog about your experiences with NaNo (I’ve tried this before, and it is NOT EASY), then the wonderful folks over at SheWrites want to hear from you. They’re looking for this year’s NaNoWriMo columnist.

As for me? I’m still on the fence. I really want to do NaNo this year because it seems significant that this will be my last year to do it while I’m single. On the other hand, I have a book manuscript due in December for an actual publisher, and I don’t dare let that suffer while I create another pile of pages that won’t find itself on anyone’s bookshelf but my own for years, if ever. I have a wedding to plan. And I have money to earn and don’t think I can afford the unpaid 2+ hours of writing required per day. Excuses, excuses! It may happen yet.


6 Responses to It’s That Time of Year … Already!

    • I knew you’d say that!

      • Jenna says:

        Well, yeah! I mean, this entry was totally a veiled yet impassioned plea for someone to come forth and convince you to take the plunge.

        Doing NaNo isn’t easy. You know this already. It’s not about having oodles of free time to spend on your novel. It’s about stealing time from your other pursuits in the short span of a month. If it were easy, everybody would do it! But because it’s not, it’s worth it.

        As for me, I don’t particularly want to give up precious studying time. I believe my grade in algebra suffered because of my win in 2009. That’s a big deal. But I enjoyed the time I spent on my story and I don’t regret it. I want that again.

        How do you feel about bribes? If you agree to jump into the NaNo pool with me, I will send you a NaNo survival package full of surprises.

  1. […] good writing buddy and precious friend Jenna left me this very convincing comment (my decision has more to do with her eloquent understanding of NaNo’s worth, not the bribe. […]

  2. Thank you! You’ve convinced me. And perhaps you will understand better than anyone if I don’t get around to ordering cake for the wedding. 😉

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